Emily Boudreaux
                Sydney Brantley
               Melissa Bordelon
                 Amber Cesair
                 Tracy Lacaze
                 Brandi Hemphill
                   Nola Parker
                     Liz Felix
                 Alexa Roberts
                Nancy Banales
                Jordan Lester
                Vince Sanders
                James Bryant
               Mark Hammond
                Kelsie Artigue
                    Ty Norris
             Katelyn Thibodaux
                 Dakota Smith
             Ellmehdi Bouyanna
                  Josie Katz
                  Jena Mabile
                 Brendan Walls
                 Kelsey Thrush
                   Aden Ardoin


LSUA 1001: Seminar for Academic Success

LSUA 1001 is a recommended course for incoming students and transfer students with less than 30 earned credit hours. Through active learning, and with the assistance of faculty and peer mentors, first year students will connect with the LSUA community, gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful college student, and adopt strategies that facilitate achievement of academic goals.

Students will experience all that LSUA has to offer, build relationships, and establish themselves on campus all while earning academic credit. Register for LSUA 1001 and join this exciting new course.
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LSUA 3001/4001: Academic Leadership I,II

Upperclassmen interested in becoming a Peer Mentor should apply for LSUA 3001:AcademicLeadership! Peer Mentors work alongside a LSUA 1001 professor to help develop course activities, attend service projects or campus events with their class of LSUA 1001 students, and gain important leadership skills that helps build much more than a resume. Interested students should apply by the posted deadlines in the spring semester. 

LSUA 4001: Academic Leadership II is for students that have previously completed the LSUA 3001 course. LSUA 4001 continues to sharpen leadership skills as students take on a new role as a "mentor for mentors."