Student Ambassadors

LSUA's Student Ambassadors are an elite group of select students that exemplify leadership, scholarship, and professionalism. Ambassadors are selected through a rigorous interview process before they can don the signature purple polos. 
Ambassadors plan and conduct orientation for new students at LSUA--teaching sessions on campus resources, juggling classes and work, getting involved on campus, and everything in-between. Their primary objective is guiding new students in that transition from high school to college to make their freshmen year the best it can be!
Throughout an Ambassadors tenure, they are given many opportunities to attend and present at regional and national conferences, speak at LSU Board of Supervisors meetings,  attend special functions of the University, be featured in publications and news media, provide campus tours to potential students, visit high schools and college fairs with the Admissions Recruiters, and work special events within the Central Louisiana Community. 
The Ambassador program provides students with numerous academic and professional networking opportunities that expand their horizons and experience while at LSUA.

Meet the Ambassadors


Senior, Communication Studies
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

"I came to LSUA to play basketball and instantly fell in love with this place. LSUA has become my home away from home. The people, professors, and every one on campus are like family. I've met so many people and been given so many opportunities that I can't wait to share with our new freshman class!"

Junior, Business Administration
Hometown: Pineville, LA

"I wanted to become an Ambassador for many reasons. I wanted to meet a wide range of people and help showcase everything that LSUA has to offer. Since becoming an Ambassador, I've been able to show my pride for LSUA to more than just students. I'm especially excited to meet new freshmen and introduce them to my university! 



Junior, Kinesiology
Hometown: Thibodaux, LA

"My time at LSUA has brought some of my favorite memories. I've made friendships that will last a lifetime. I know that if you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone, these will be the best years of your life, too."


Sophomore, English
Hometown: Fayetteville, GA

"I live purple and gold! Besides the beautiful scenery, I knew LSUA was the place for me. The small campus and class sizes, friendly people, and welcoming atmosphere has really made me feel at home. Let me show you why I love this place!"


Senior, Disaster Science & Emergency Management
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

"I chose LSUA because the people and small campus made it feel like home. I've always enjoyed helping people and the Ambassador program allows me to help new students get adjusted to LSUA and college life. From campus tours to orientation, let me show you why I love LSUA!"


Senior, Communication Studies
Hometown: Dry Prong, LA

"After my first orientation at LSUA, I knew this was the place for me. All of my professors were very helpful and the encouragement I received was all so welcoming. Starting college, I didn't know anyone or what to expect, but the friends I have made are now my family. I'm so excited to meet you and show you what my wonderful university is all about!" 


Senior, Business Administration
Hometown: Detroit, MI

"It's definitely not Detroit, but LSUA is an amazing place to be! I've had so many opportunities and learned so much my first year here. Even though my family is over 1000 miles away, I've made so many friends here that have become "family." I know you'll fall in love with my university as much as I have." 

Junior, Business Administration
Hometown: Krotz Springs, LA

"I cannot say enough good things about LSUA. It has given me so much! I know that each and every one of the students here will fall in love with this place as much as I have. It has given me more opportunities than I would have ever imagined. Welcome to your next chapter!"

Sophomore, Biology, Pre-Physical Therapy 
Hometown: Alexandria, LA

"Small university with a big heart---that's LSUA. The professors and staff truly care about you and what's going on in your life. They are always available to help and pick you up when you need it most. I love LSUA and know you will too!" 


Senior, Medical Laboratory Science
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

"I chose LSUA. I came to play basketball and ended up loving this campus more than I ever would have thought. It's so easy to get involved and make friends here. I'm excited to show you why you made the right choice by choosing LSUA, also!"         


Senior, Communication Studies
Hometown: Glenmora, LA

"I love this university! The professors and staff truly care about the students and aspire to see us succeed. I've been able to excel in my studies because of the intimate and excellent attention I've received at LSUA. I'm excited for new freshmen to discover LSUA and grow as much as I have!"

Senior, Business Management
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

"LSUA has given me endless possibilities. As a guard for the Generals basketball team, I know that champions are made here--on the court, in the classroom, and on campus. My college career has been amazing because of the opportunities I've had at LSUA. Freshmen, get ready for the best time of your life."



Junior, Business Marketing
Hometown: Ball, LA

"My time at LSUA has been awesome! I truly feel like the people care about me and my future. I'm excited to be a part of the Ambassador program and get to introduce our new freshman class to my university.  I know you'll grow to love LSUA just as I have." 


Senior, Elementary Education
Hometown: Alexandria, LA

"Choosing where to attend college is not an easy decision. After a lot of prayer, I felt that God had led me to LSUA. My first week of school here was better than all four years of high school. I was immediately accepted. I became an Ambassador to be involved and tell people how amazing this university has been to me. I am proud to be an LSUA General!" 


Junior, Political Science 
Hometown: Pineville, LA

"I wanted to expand my college experience, and the Ambassador program has certainly helped me do that. I get to help students and represent LSUA on a large scale which has led to many great opportunities. I'm excited to welcome the new freshmen class to LSUA and for you to explore everything LSUA has to offer."


Alumni Contributor, (BGS, 2016)
Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Ocean Springs, MS

"LSUA is THE place I call home. From supportive and interactive professors to social events for everyone, this campus will make anyone feel comfortable. LSUA holds a special place in my heart and I can't wait to show new students all it has to offer. Make memories and seize every opportunity! You'll be walking across that stage before you know it!"